Dear Αll,

Individuals who are not listed in the main conference programme and postgraduate workshop as either speakers or panellists are welcome to attend the conference without payment of a fee. But ALL those who attend the conference are required to register their details in the same way.

Τhose who wish to have access to conference material (folder, other information material), and facilities (meals, headphones) there will be a charge:
60 euros for 3 days,
40 euros for 2 days
20 euros for 1 day.

Social dinner is 35 euros for all.

For further information please see at

Thank you all!

Speakers’ fees payable for ESPRit19:

Academics and waged researchers 3 days: 90 €
Academics and waged researchers 2 days: 80 €
Academics and waged researchers 1 day: 55 €
PhD students and unwaged researchers 3 days: 55 €
PhD students and unwaged researchers 2 days: 40 €
PhD students and unwaged researchers 1 day: 20 €

Τhere is no registration fee for the participants at the Postgraduate Workshop.

Non-speakers have free access to the International Conference and Postgraduate Workshop.

Please continue to consult this website between now and September for further information and updates regarding the ESPRit 2019 conference 11-13 September,
including information about the programmes of the postgraduate Workshop on 11 September, and the main conference on 12-13 September.